Learn To Use The ShopBot!

Take this class to learn the basic safety and use for the Midtown Hacker Lab's 60" x 90" CNC router.

This class is an intensive preparation for Hacker Lab member wishing to use the ShopBot (CNC router) and for non-members who wish to learn more about ShopBot.  Learn to cut and engrave using various bits and settings for the equipment, and how to set the software up that runs the equipment.


Hacker Lab Members: This class is REQUIRED for you to be able to use the ShopBot at Midtown.  You will need to take the class in Rocklin separately, if you wish to use that ShopBot also.

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SAC-100: Intro to ShopBot
Midtown Hacker Lab 1715 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95811 Map
Get tickets Member: $15.00 | Non-Member: $99.00 Please Note: paid classes with fewer then 2 signups may be cancelled or rescheduled

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