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Now that students understand the basics of soldering it's time to jump into soldering multiple components without melting the whole projects. Tips and tricks with heat sinks as well bending and twisting basic wire into creative aesthetic. We will be using the oxy/propane torch for more accurate flame control. Students will learn to hand turn and cut chain links, shape and attach to create a sampler chain. Three different styles to learn!

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From Susan Sipes-Rabinowitz: My bench jeweler journey involves the time-honored goldsmith tradition of sharing knowledge. Many of my students have become successful jewelry makers and creating small businesses, and others have decided at retirement from the state to start a cottage industry of jewelry making while traveling the States. Another success story is that one of my apprentices successfully made the transition to entrepreneur and created a nice on-line business. And lastly, one of my students, who was extremely afraid of fire and the torch, went on to become a jewelry arts student-assistant at ARC. She credits my instruction and patience to quenching her fire fear and going for it. As a side note, when approaching a class or workgroup, I like to have a short, casual discussion of level of expertise and expectations. This allows me to address each instructional step starting with the least experienced step / review and then addressing the next levels. I have found working addressing the novice and then the next levels, helps with review as well as eliminates overwhelming the novice. In addition, to bringing finished samples of the class projects, I like to bring my epic fails to show after exercise has begun. Therefore, those that think they are failing may actually see they are not…and those that have happy accidents…we all have to start somewhere. Also, I like to give visual, verbal. as well as written step by step instruction. Due to my corporate experience as a systems trainer, I gleaned that people learn with four stimulated ways and or a combination of the four, audio, visual, reading, doing / manipulation. In addition, I am great at social media and already have 10 people that are willing to join Hacker Lab to enroll in the Jewelry Program. My shop is great “window’ for people to see and then get information to start working their jewelry passion and advocating the Hacker Lab.

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SAC-301: Jewelry -- Chain Making (Sampler Necklace)
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