Sacramento Code Slingers are an independent group of professional, student, and amateur software developers, coders, and hackers in and around Sacramento.

To RSVP to this event please visit the Code Slingers’ website:

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We generally work with the Microsoft Windows OS in some way. Frequently, this means the .NET Framework, but it can also include Windows Universal Apps, Azure, SQL Server, Office365, ASP.NET and other Web technologies, and even Win32 apps. All languages are good; you’ll see a lot of C♯, JavaScript, and Visual Basic .NET, but there will be others.

We work with a wide variety of platforms, technologies, tools, and languages. Some of our members make iOS or Android mobile apps. Some work on Linux or Mac OS X platforms. Some of us even know a little Java.

We promote the knowledge and use of good, practical software development skills with current tools and technologies for all kinds of software developers.

Membership to Sacramento Code Slingers is open to all. Just sign up and show up!


Sacramento Code Slingers meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month, except July and December.

To RSVP to a meetup please visit the Code Slingers’ website:

Meetings normally include:

• Mixer
Code slingers are invited to introduce themselves to each other and make new connections.
Door prize tickets are given when you sign in.

• Discussion
The leadership team will provide the agenda for the evening and make any announcements.

A representative of one of our sponsors will speak to the attendees about the benefits of doing business with them.

• Technical presentation by an invited speaker

A speaker will give a 45-55 minute presentation on a pre-selected topic that is, we hope, generally interesting to code slingers.
The presentation is often followed by a 5-10 minute question & answer session.

• Raffle (based on availability of sponsors)
At end of the meeting there shall be a door prize raffle. We usually have several items to give away. You must be present to win.

Origin of the Name:

“Slinging code” is a phrase that is occasionally used on the very popular podcast “.NET Rocks“, referring to creating software with varying degrees of craftsmanship. You can find it in a transcript of one of the first shows.


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