Take this class to learn to use the Wood Lathe at the Midtown Hacker Lab.  The wood lathe is an amazing tool, designed to help you carve railings, chair and table legs, chair rails, and other intricate wooden pieces.  This class is a two hour safety and tool use class designed to get you up to speed quickly.

This class is part of our Maker Space Training. It is a required class for anyone wishing to use the Wood Lathe in the Woodshop at the Midtown HackerLab.


How should students prepare?

Please make sure to sign our general release of liability agreement before class.

At the teacher’s consideration, classes with 2 or fewer students signed up may be cancelled and students asked to re-enroll in the next class.

Materials Fee:  A materials fee of $10 is built into the class fee for this class.

Clothing: Please be sure to wear clothing appropriate to the shop: Long hair tied back or in a cap, long pants or a long skirt, and closed toed shoes.


About the Instructor

Hi, my name is Eric Schneider. I am a native of Sacramento. After college with a degree in psychology, I went into commercial sales, made some money. Left sales to start a construction company. Owned a restaurant, lost some money. And when the housing market crashed, sold out and began pursuing my passion of restoring antiques. Now I repair and restore anything from watches and clocks to old radios and victrolas, to car parts and travel Trailers. I also make commissioned furniture and kinetic art pieces for designers and others.

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