Sign up for this class to get hands-on training in 3D Printing and rapid prototyping.  We start with a very brief history of 3D printing, including the different types of printers, and then discuss available CAD systems, interface software, and materials. For hands-on training, this class focuses on the Ultimaker 2+ and the Cura slicer, and if there is time, the MonoPrice printers.

Because 3D printing offers lots of options, we will also look at filaments used for the printers, their care and what types are available.

This class is required to use the Ultimaker2 and MonoPrice 3D printers, either in Sacramento or Rocklin.


Class Structure

We will review:

– Our reservation, logging and pricing systems.
– High points of the 31 year history of 3D printing. Online services for 3D printing.
– Available CAD training.
– Operation of the Ultimaker 2+.
– Minor setup and maintenance.


How to use the Ultimaker 2:

Specifically for the Ultimaker 2+:
– Leveling the bed.
– The SD card and menu.
– Launching a print, watching for errors.
– Removing your print
– Unclogging the extruder

About the Instructor

Brannan Harris is an enthusiastic and creative maker, and a great teacher for all things Maker.  He is part of the Sac Maker Academy and instrumental in teaching the various tools in the shop space at Hacker Lab to the kids. He is passionate about video games, and collaborative creating.  You're going to love learning from him!

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