If you have taken the “Intro to Laser Cutting” class, and you’re looking for a fun and interesting class, take this class to learn more about the Laser Cutter.  Take this class to learn how to make a 3D object on the Laser Cutter, using a technique called kerf-cuts.  Kerf cuts allow you to create a 3D object from a flat piece of wood.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words…


By the end of the class students will have a general understanding of creating boxes using the laser cutter including use of a ‘living hing’ and creation of a latch mechanism and customization of the above. After completion of the class, students will be able to create with a variety of small boxes on the laser cutter and customize all aspects of the boxes.


What to Bring?

Students must bring their own laptops pre-loaded with Inkscape or Illustrator, and a USB thumb-drive.  Vector files will be given out during class with designs for various boxes. (You get to take home copies of the files, with you.)

Instructor will provide designs and materials for the class.  No additional tools or parts will be necessary.

There is a $10 materials fee built into this class.

About the Instructor

Mark Warmus has a BFA in photography from SFAI and has worked on studio photo shoots for DHL, Safeway, Osh Hardware and a long list of personal and corporate clients and has been published in Wired, Forbes, Public Art Review, The Richardson News a long list of other publications.  He is also a skilled Maker, and works with the Laser Cutter and other equipment as well as the Photography studio.

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