About this Class

In this class you will learn basic fabrication for metalwork jewelry. Techniques include how to correctly use a jewelers saw to cut shapes out of brass, as well as piercing and filing techniques. Students will also learn how to create different textures using a hammer and applying buffing and polishing finishes.
* This class is a Prerequisite for Intermediate Soldering/ Jewelry Fabrication Class.
* All tools will be provided for this class however if you have and would like to bring a jewelers saw or any other jewelry making tools please feel free.
This class has a materials fee built into the class fee.



What to Bring?

Basic materials will be supplied by the instructor.


About the Instructor

Giana Galati has a background in many art forms but has primarily worked with metal for the past seven years. An apprenticeship under a fellow metalworker led to a continued education at American River and Sacramento City Colleges, and evolved into a jewelry line, Vivid Venus. Her unisex designs are marked by hard, geometric angles and edges with pieces made of substance and sophistication. An innate passion for tactful forming has led her to share her craft and knowledge.  You can find out more about her work at: http://www.vividvenus.com/

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