Come and be part of the largest gaming and coding communities in the world, Minecraft. Explore and adventure the mystery and wonders of Minecraft. This is an exiting meetup that walks you through the essentials needed to unleash creativity and strategic planning to survive and create. Mining elements, hunting animals, growing crops, building shelters, building tools, and interacting with the villagers are just a few of the challenges, threats, and opportunities that you will encounter.

This three hour meetup will get you started learning the essentials of Minecraft. In most cases, this meetup helps support focus, flexibility, organization, planning, and time management. Likewise, Minecraft helps with creativity, teaches real-world skills, 3D geometry, and can be very fun for the whole family. The main Minecraft essential that you will be part of in this meetup are:

    1. The difference between creativity mode and survival mode
    2. Levels
    3. Keyboard controls
    4. Inventory
    5. Spawning
    6. Crafting
    7. Making wooden tools and weapons
    8. Making torches
    9. Building shelters
    10. Making stone tools and weapons
    11. Food and health
    12. Table of elements
    13. Mining rare elements
    14. Animals
    15. Villagers
    16. Improving you shelter

Participants will need to have a Minecraft account to be able to participate during the Minecraft meetup session. These accounts are available through Minecraft and cost $25-30 per subscription (click the Green "Buy Minecraft" button):

      Students will also have an opportunity to learn about coding during these classes. Participants are requested to purchase or review this book to learn more about coding in Minecraft:

Minecraft Modding for Kids for Dummies

      by Sarah Guthals PhD.

About the meetup facilitator and aid:

Dr. David Pierson holds both a Bachelors and Masters in Industrial Technology and a Ph.D. in Organizational Management. He has taught over 20 different subject related to drafting and design, multimedia, project planning, Computer Numerical Control, Construction Estimating, Mathematics, descriptive geometry, information technology, and robotics. He has a passion to help others grow and have a passion to learn.

His son, Warren Pierson, also has a passion to learn and share what he has learned with others. Warren loves to spend his spare time exploring different learning opportunities associated with coding in Minecraft, Raspberry Pi, Scratch programming, Scrap Mechanic, Road Blocks, Lego Design, Aleks, physics, and building things like robots.

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