SAC-Meetup: FreeCodeCamp - Algorithms and Data Structures - Midtown Sacramento
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This meeting is open to everyone from beginner to senior level engineers. The group will go over a problem and "how to think like a computer scientist". Many of us had struggled with these concepts and want create a free fun environment to help many grasp the problem solving mindset. It does not matter which programming language you know or do not know its about learning the way to think through complex problems with simple elegant solutions.

Tentative Agenda:
7:00 - 9:00
[masked] Recursion presentation with real world examples presented by Joshua Aguilar.

0730- 0900 this is followed by practice exercises from Cracking the Coding Interview/ Code Wars. People can work on their own or in pairs to solve the exercises. We give 10 minutes to solve the problem alone or with a partner. After the problem is presented we do group solving with a chance to present a solution and why. We use whiteboard style presenting for those looking to brush up on interview/presenting skills. You can always present with a computer as well. We would love for everyone to join. This week we will go over recursion, and how to solve complex questions with clean solutions. Hope to see everyone there.

- If there are any request for specific topics feel free to ask and I will attempt to get it worked into the new schedule. if you have any questions feel free to message.

if your lost or have questions you can text Joshua at[masked] or message the event organizers.